Premium Outdoor Decorated Wreaths

Our outdoor decorated wreaths, each professionally designed are the perfect decorative piece on a variety of different features. Below are a few commonly chosen locations for an outdoor decorated wreath:

  • Beneath Peaks
  • Gated Entryways
  • Front Door Areas

Premium Outdoor Decorated Garland

Our outdoor decorated garland, each designed to be the perfect decorative piece on a variety of different features. Below are a few commonly chosen locations for an outdoor decorated garland:

  • Gated Entryways
  • Front Door Entryways
  • Outdoor Kitchen Banisters

Decorative Door Swags

Add the perfect festive touch to many areas of your home with our decorated door swags. Commonly chosen locations for our decorated door swags include:

  • Beneath Sconces
  • Doorways

Premium Wreaths & Garland

As we get ready to celebrate the holidays, we find ourselves looking for the perfect festive wreath or garland to greet our guest as they enter our home or business. We are now proud to offer each of our customers access to professionally designed and decorated wreaths or garland to add to their Christmas lighting installations.

Benefits of Our Designer Wreaths & Garland

The Perfect Wreath Or Garland For Your Christmas Lighting Installation

Elegant. Professionally Designed. Hassle-Free.

Options To Include On Your Custom Decorated Wreath or Garland

Decorative Mesh Ribbon

Add the perfect amount of accent to you beautifully decorated wreath or garland with our Decorative Mesh Ribbon add-on.

Filler Picks & Sprays

A variety of picks and sprays to add that colorful touch to our outdoor wreaths and garland! Simply pick the underlying color scheme and we coordinate from there. 

Custom Branded Upgrades

From adding the company logo to the decorative ornaments to color coordinating entire color scheme, we are here to help you design a display that matches the company. 

Custom Lighted Bows

Add the perfect accent to your pre-lit LED wreath or garland. These are a great way to add accent color to an existing installation!

Color Coordinated Ornaments

We will pair up a variety of color coordinated shatterproof ornaments as an add-on for your outdoor wreath or garland.

Color Matched LED Lighting

Coordinate the entire Christmas light installation by color matching lights in your designer decorated wreaths and garland. 

Whether the desire is for a simple or elaborately decorated wreath or garland, we are proud to now offer customers professionally decorated wreaths and garland for their holiday lighting displays! As with the rest of our service, our premium outdoor greenery can be customized with a variety of options, depending on location of installed greenery. Find out how we can help you take your home or business's Christmas light installation to the next level below! 

Transform Your Home Or Business This Holiday Season

Premium Quality Greenery

We have selected the best quality products to ensure that the custom wreaths & garland are made to withstand the test of time. 

Professionally Designed & Decorated

Each of our custom wreaths and garland are professionally designed and decorated by a member of our team, with a color scheme of your choosing!

Removed & Stored With Christmas Lighting

Upon season completion, we will remove all outdoor greenery before neatly packing it away and storing until the following holiday season! This allows for an end-to-end seamless customer experience.