For the last decade, Top of Houston Christmas Light Installations LLC have been providing people in the greater Houston area with unmatched holiday lighting installation services. We offer an installation service that is tailored to each customer's desires. Every installation is customized, designed, and created for each individual house, from simple to extreme.


1. What type of lights do you use? For our standard installation, we use commercial grade c9 LED strings hand cut to perfectly fit your home or office.

2. Do I need to purchase lights first?  No, we provide our customers with a turnkey, hassle free Christmas Light installation. Everything from the lights to the timers is provided to insure that your busy holiday schedule has one less thing to worry about.

3. Do I need to buy a timer? No, we provide timers with our installations. However, if you have a few already we have no problem using them.

4. Who stores the lights? We store the lights in our warehouse, this ensures all your lights are where they need to be next year, it also keeps you from having to retrieve them from the storage unit or attic. It also means you don't have to remember to leave them out on the day of your installation. Storage is FREE for all returning clients through our yearly incentives, so long as you don't mind leaving us a simple review online.

5. Do you replace bulbs/service calls? At Top of Houston Christmas Light Installations LLC., we take pride in keeping our customers house burning the same throughout the Holiday Season as it was when we put the last plug in for a quick test run. We offer free service calls to all of our customers on lights that were purchased through us. Honestly, we might notice the bad bulb before you.

6. Why does the cost go down in the following years? In the initial year you actually purchase the lights/d├ęcor from us, and in each of the following years the only charge you receive is for labor or any additional that you decide to add-on.

7. How does somebody win their money back? Our
Annual FREE Christmas Day Labor Giveaway is our way of giving back to the customers. Most of our business is gained through your referrals, word of mouth, etc. and our way of giving thanks to those who trusted us enough to share with their friends, family, and coworkers is through this  FREE Labor Giveaway.
Give us a Call, and let us put together a design to accent the features of your home this Christmas! Whether you're looking for the neighborhood's best award, or to remain within a budget we will take care of it all. While providing a better quality product than you can purchase at a retailer, and you will be treated as family year in and year out.

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- Each Customer will have their name put into a drawing once for a completed installation.
- For each referral that completes an install with us and mentions your name, receive an additional chance into the drawing.
- Leave us a review online either via Google, Nextdoor, Facebook, Yelp Etc.
- Christmas Day we hold the drawing.
- Receive your money when we remove your lights!

Houston's Premier Christmas Light Installation Company

Entering Our Annual FREE Labor GIVEAWAY Is This Simple: