Oversized LED Wrapped Wicker Balls

Add a unique festive touch to your holiday lighting display with our oversized LED wrapped wicker balls. With a variety of sizes and installation techniques available, these are a great addition to your Christmas lighting installation.

  • Stand-Alone Installation
  • Paired With Cascading Light Strands
  • Grouped Throughout Landscaping

Modern Cascading Christmas Lighting

Our cascading lighting packages are a great way to add holiday lighting throughout the large tree-top canopies in the yard. These are guaranteed transform your home into a Winter Wonderland! 

  • Great For Wooded Lots With Large Canopy
  • Unique Aesthetic Holiday Lighting Display
  • Effective Large Tree Lighting Option

Cascading Lights & Suspended LED Wicker Balls

Decorating for the holidays can easily become a stressful tasks. When looking for the perfect way to transform your home this holiday season, we are proud to offer a unique alternative to your traditional Christmas lighting displays. Great for property's with lots that are covered pretty evenly with a tree top canopy. Transform your property into a true winter wonderland with our cascading lighting options today!

The Perfect Modern Touch To Your Christmas Lighting Installation

Elegant. Professionally Designed. Transformational.

Holiday Light Installations With Cascading Lights & LED Wrapped Wicker Balls

Holiday Tree Lighting Option

Great option for putting Christmas lights in wooded lots or tree-top canopies that cover the front yard!

Unique Christmas Lighting

Immerse yourself in a glistening Winter Wonderland with our cascading light strands suspended throughout your property!

When looking to add the perfect lighting to your trees during the holiday time, our professionals have a few modern Christmas lighting products to include in your display. Our cascading light strands and oversized LED wrapped wicker balls are a great way to add that unique decorative touch. Whether it's paired together, or stand-alone, both product options provide an immersive experience guaranteed to brighten your holidays! 

With various sizes and color options available, these cascading Christmas lights and oversized wicker balls make great holiday lighting options.  Find out how we can help you take your home or business's Christmas light installation to the next level below! 

Transform Your Home Or Business This Holiday Season